Wierzbiczany Palace

SPA & Wellness

The Wierzbiczany Palace means not only the hotel and the Wikla Restaurant! There is also SPA and Wellness area where you can relax and rest from everyday life. Our SPA includes:

  • SALT CAVE. Move to the sea. Microclimate in the cave relaxes and supports the treatment of e.g. asthma, allergies, sinusitis and hypothyroidism.
  • SUNSKY. Feel the Mediterranean climate in which your skin will gain a healthy, slightly golden color, and your body will produce vitamin D3 which promotes wound healing and improves hair and nails condition.
  • FINNISH SAUNA. Remove toxins from the body and improve circulation. Feel relief in the muscle tone and arthritis.
  • STEAM BATH. Get rid of toxins and metabolic products, moisturize and smooth the skin and strengthen immunity thanks to hot steam.
  • JACUZZI. Relax your muscles, improve skin blood circulation and get rid of cellulite in a hot tub with jets for massage purposes.